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Ramapo Racing - Results Update (May 2023)

President’s Race and Ramapo Race Weekend.

There were seven clubs in the March 18 race at Hunter Mt. We had 13 Ramapo members at the event, second-most of all the clubs in contention. As usual, the weather couldn’t have been better – sunny, but not too warm or cold.

For the President’s Race, a person is given a score based on time and age. So, given two racers with the same times through the course, the older person will be given a higher score.

Congratulations to Ramapo’s Carlene Bassell who got the top score among 'A' women and had the second fastest time among all women.

Then the scores are arranged from lowest to highest and divided into three groups: 'A', 'B', and 'C', separate for men and women. Then points are assigned to the racer based on where the person sat within the A/B/C group. Then team points are calculated based on the points of the three highest point women and four highest point men.

Ramapo Women came in first; Men were 2nd and our combined Club Team was 2nd and five points out of 1st. Clubs that have the most members in attendance with the widest range of abilities have the advantage for a high score. The 1st place club had 19 members, the most of all the clubs. So, come on Ramapo, get out there for next year’s race and go for the gold!

The President’s Race also served as Ramapo’s annual Race Weekend, for which we have several race classes. For the men, there is Class A for the fast guys, Class C for the novice racers, and Trilobites for those 75 and older. We could have had a Dinosaur group like in the past (age 65 to 74), but those old guys are pretty fast, so they were put into A-men, which otherwise would have been too small a group. For the four women in attendance, we had Dinosettes and Trilobettes. It's the faster of your two times that determines your placement in your class. Men-A was very competitive: the spread for four of the five in that class was only 0.55 seconds:

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