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Uniform Testing Tests

To ensure that all Ramapo members have the requisite skills to ski safely and keep from injuring themselves or others, we have instituted a basic "Bronze" test to evaluate a new member's skills. Passing this test is also required for full voting membership.

For those members interested in upgrading their skills, our Instruction program members can work with a member to achieve higher levels; an intermediate "Silver" test, and ultimately, the advanced "Gold" test. Requirements follow below:

Nick DeRoda is responsible for overseeing Testing, contact him if you have a question or need help.

Bronze (basic) Test

All skills will be demonstrated by the test judge.

  • Straight running

  • Three linked snowplow turns and a complete stop

  • Ability to safely negotiate a ski lift

  • Side step left and right.

  • Side slip left and right

  • Do a bullfighter turn

  • Answer a safety question (chosen by the Test Judge).


Silver (intermediate) Test

Two qualified judges needed and a race course.

  • Hockey stop left and right

  • Side slip left and right.

  • Four linked parallel or christy turns

  • Slalom time within plus 30% of pace setter's time.

Gold (advanced) Test

Administered by previous Gold Test recipients.  You may discuss the current requirements with the Uniform Test Committee Chair.


Getting Tested

There are a number of ways to secure your test

  • The annual Improvement Weekend is a perfect way to work towards, and take, your test.

  • From time to time the Club may hold introductory presentations or test nights at a local ski area.

  • Members staying a tthe Lodge can join-up with a Test Judge at Mad River Glen

  • Alternatively, you can speak to a Test Judge and arrange a convenient time to meet at a ski area or on a trip

Young Boy on Skis
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