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Club Awards

Aorangi Award

In early 1963, Ramapo explored the possibilities of an international trophy exchange.  Two years later an international trophy exchange was devised by member J. Carruthers, with the help of then United States Ambassador to New Zealand, Anthony Akers. Mr. Akers is most noted for being a Patrol Torpedo boat commander in the squadron which evacuated General Douglas MacArthur from the Philippines in early 1942.

Through the good graces of the New Zealand Consul General, H.A. Gaites, contact was made with the Aorangi Ski Club of Wellington, New Zealand.  Named after New Zealand’s highest mountain, Mt. Cook (12,349 feet), which the Maoris call Aorangi – “The Cloud Piercer”.  After considerable correspondence, a trophy was shipped to the Aorangi Club to be presented to the winner of a club race.  Our Kiwi friends selected a beautiful “Merei”; an ancient battle axe of the Natives of that land, inscribed with delicate native scrollwork as their offer as the Aorangi Award.  Ramapo elected to present this award annually for outstanding service to the club. Nominations are made by club members and recipients are selected by a committee made up of previous winners of the award.

This award has been recognized as the highest honor a member can receive for service to the club.


1965 Red Carruthers

1969 Else Coyle

1973 Ernie Linneman

1977 Phllis Simons & Barbara ‘Sam’ Cain

1981 Erik Simons

1985 Dotti Cummings

1989 Lois Rudden

1993 John Bianco

1997 Pete Gisler

2001 Sue Bogushefsky

2005 June Hockenbeck

2009 Pierce Haviland

2013 Johanna Fleming

2017 Robert Reich

2021 Vesna Haymon

1966 Chet Creutzberg

1970 Al Pierce

1974 Liz Bellamy

1978 Frank Collyer

1982 Bev Salm

1986 Don Mow

1990 Pat Rizzo

1994 George Brew

1998 Barbara Johansson

2002 Nick DeRoda

2006 Bobbi-Jo Rasberger

2010 Ken Klein

2014 Beth Talini Cook

2018 Ritchie Price

2022 Joe Montigelli

1967 Serge Gasparini

1971 Jerre Cain

1975 Lou Polak

1979 Frank Straub

1983 Bill McDonnell

1987 Bill Smellegar

1991 Doris Dessimone

1995 Don Cummings

1999 Dick Johansson

2003 Lee Stausland Kelly

2007 Chris Moog

2011 Elyse Stoller

2015 Carlene Bassell

2019 Maggie Langley

2023 Suzan Longo

1968 Herb Lloyd

1972 Ellen Berdais

1976 Jette Bertelsen

1980 John Devine

1984 Joe Dessimone

1988 Chris Pearsall

1992 Allen Adler

1996 Peg Grossman

2000 Gail Naples

2004 Bruce Kelly

2008 Stu Bassell

2012 Walt Bogushefsky

2016 Charlie Startz

2020 No Award

Elizabeth Farnham Trophy

Elizabeth Farnham was one of the early Treasurers of Ramapo back in the days when the club met at the Eureka House in Suffern. She was vibrant and popular and part of the early group that stormed the heights at North Creek and Mount Peter with their baggy pants and bamboo poles.

It therefore came as a great sadness to the club when she died of cancer in 1953.  It just didn’t seem right that someone so young, so healthy and vibrant should be snatched away.

The following year, Skip Wickes and Link Taylor were among the first of Ramapo to make a ski trip to Europe, and while in Zell Am Zee, Austria, they noticed a trophy in a store window which captured their fancy. They bought it and brought it home.

It was decided by the Board of Directors that this would be the Elizabeth Farnham Trophy and would be awarded annually to the Most Improved Skier for that year in the club. It need not go to a racer, but to any member the Instruction and Proficiency Test Committees decide had improved the most.  The instructors of Ramapo take notice of the skier who strives to ski better. Every skier present can appreciate the work and dedication that it takes to win this coveted award.

1954 Connie Personeuous

1958 Leo Grisel

1962 Barbara Cain

1966 Howard Merhtens

1970 June Russell

1974 Rosemary Finnerty

1978 Jim McGrath

1982 M. Novak

1986 Yvonne Roeller

1990 Ann Paffendorf

1994 Bill Sidlovsky

1998 Keith Weller

2002 Chris Moog

2006 Elizabeth Godwin

2010 Christine Pajo

2014 Mary Stephenson

2018 Tara Haymon

2022 Declan O'Connor

1955 Jane Fortman

1959 Joan Wickes

1963 Jack Dailey

1967 Barbara Green

1971 Karen Kineke

1975 John Devine

1979 Dirk McGill

1983 Lois Rudden

1987 Diana Kay

1991 Gloria Bercovitch

1995 Brian Ferguson

1999 David Cook

2003 Gloria Silva

2007 Elizabeth Umbaugh

2011 Maggie Dermond

2015 Maggie Langley

2019 Stu Bassell

2023 Jeff Koenig

1956 Bob Argento​

1960 Bob Summersgill

1964 Charlie Shaw

1968 Barbara Gulakowsk

1972 John Stephan

1976 Greg Jarem

1980 Gretchen Schultz

1984 Carol Nussburge

1988 Toni McCleaver

1992 Al Perini

1996 Estelle Senes

2000 Judy Maragliano

2004 Victoria Withington

2008 Hans Smith

2012 Faizal Khan & Debra Tendler

2016 Karen Lynch

2020 - No Award

1957 Ira”Skip”Wickes

1961 Gary Crothers

1965 -

1969 Gail Secchia

1973 Carol Pierce

1977 Fran McDonnell

1981 Van Eeuwen

1985 Marlene Costa

1989 Pierce Havilland

1993 Arron Kellner

1997 Gail Naples

2001 Ron Hudgens

2005 Carmen Bianco

2009 Iryna Bondarenko

2013 Stephanie Startz

2017 Angel Fraile-Lax

2021 No Award

Frank Filippelli Award

This award is presented each year to the outstanding club instructor. The award was established in 1991 through contributions of club members.

Frank joined Ramapo in 1982 after retiring from his job as Special Agent for the FBI. He soon became “special” to Ramapo. He immediately volunteered to do the snow reports and was able to inject his unique humor that put a smile on everyone’s face. Frank served on several committees and was a frequent user of our lodge.  Frank worked hard to improve his skiing and passed the ASIA examination to become a certified instructor. He also enjoyed windsurfing and was often at the Candelmo’s house on Upper Greenwood Lake.

In 1988 while windsurfing in Florida, Frank suffered a fatal heart attack. It is said that even the mortician could not take the smile off Frank’s face. He lived life to the fullest and set an example for the rest of us.  It is the volunteer spirit of Frank Filippelli we wish to remember.

1994 Lois Rudden

1998 Bill Slinn

2002 Bruce Kelly

2006 Bob Reich

2010 Elyse Stoller

2014 Ken Klein

1995 Bill Smellegar

1999 Pierce Haviland

2003 Stu Bassell

2007 Ann Paffendorf

2011 -

2015 Frank Collyer

1996 Lanie McDonnell

2000 Bill Medrano

2004 Paul Paffendorf

2008 Nick DeRoda

2012 Cliff Gawel

2016 -

1997 Lee Stausland Kelly

2001 Howard McArthur

2005 Larry Dean

2009 Lumo Tsungu

2013 Jim Angelone

2017 Suzan Longo

Trifecta Award

The Trifecta award was created in 2018 and is given annually to the winner of the double-elimination tournament which requires competitors to play three separate games (i.e.; darts, billiards and shuffleboard). The purpose of the competition is to stimulate activity and enjoyment during the weekly club meetings. The individual games of the Trifecta may change over the seasons, but there will always be three different games played.

Boner Award

For bonehead moves that no-one needs to admit to, but everyone knows about.  These people won't be listed, but you know who you are!

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