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During the lead-up to the ski season, members of The Ramapo Mountain Ski Club join together to venture out into the great outdoors on hiking trips within the area.  We also join-up with members of the Meetup Group Rockland/Bergen Ski & Boarders of RMSC 

Details of upcoming hikes are listed in the monthly newsletter.

Hikes are generally Medium Grade, commencing at 10:30am and finishing mid-afternoon. 

Distance is an average of 5 miles, nothing extreme to start, we save that for November when it is cooler.

Sometmes we continue to a nearby hostelry for refreshment afterwards.

Don't forget to bring...

  • Hiking boots, please wear them for ankle support, rock protection etc.

  • Poles are nice.

  • Water, particularly if it is warm, bring twice what you think you will need.

  • Lunch, something to refuel yourself, no need to be fancy.

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