During warmer weather months, members of The Ramapo Mountain Ski Club join together to venture out into the great outdoors on hiking trips within the tri-state area. 

Naturally, this year will need to be a little different, but we're sure we can still have fun.

We'll meet at the trailheads 10:30 AM on the dates listed below, then decide on a route depending on weather, enthusiasm  ability and whether anyone brought a map.

Wear hiking boots (better ankle support/rock protection than sneakers).

Bring water- more than you think you will need (ie a single bottle is usually not enough!), lunch, snackies, whatever.

Some of us like poles or a staff.

Now for the Covid-code

You must show up at the trailhead with a mask. No exceptions.

We will identify ourselves and those we consider to be family (ie, those you have comfortably broken quarantine with).

We'll take everyone's temperature and names.

You must be feeling well and not exhibiting temperature or symptoms and willing to swear to it.

We will be practicing walking 6 feet apart on the first hike. 

Sunday Oct 4   Mills reservation, Montclair NJ
Sunday Oct 11 Pyramid Mountain. Boonton NJ
(consider coming early, the lot fills up fast)
Sunday Oct 18 Blauvelt NY (the lot we usually use off off Clausland Mtn Rd)
Sunday Oct 25 Harriman State Park (meet at the Silver Mine parking area on Seven Lakes Drive - the old ski area)

      "Searching for Eldorado"

      Hiking to find "The Silver Mine" in Harriman State Park, even though the area is well known for its iron

      mines.  Hike is about 5 miles, with1,150 feet of elevation gain, and three rated climbs. There is a bail-out

      at the halfway point that avoids the last and hardest climb, & also shortens the hike by about 1.5 miles.  


Click for a link to the Google Map location.

Welcome to the Ramapo Mountain Ski Club

The Ramapo Mountain Ski Club is a group of ski enthusiasts from primarily northeastern New Jersey and the Hudson Valley. Membership offers access to lodging, racing, national/international trips and discounts at local resorts & ski/snowboard shops.         

Contact us at ramaposki@yahoo.com

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