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RMSC Trifecta 2022/23

Our annual Trifecta competition blends skill and expertise across darts, pool and shuffleboard.  Members form teams at the beginning of the season and compete for the glory of being named the Trifecta champions! 


For the avoidance of doubt and facilitation of argument, here's a copy of the RMSC Trifecta Rules for each of the games being played.

Winners in the sixteenth game of 2022-23 were Matt Wise and Bruce Kelly, who beat reigning champions Karen and Jeff in a close game of Shuffleboard.

Trifecta 230323.png

In the First Game Tom Nevis & Maureen Michielini faced Adam Nemitioff & Faizal Khan. Tom & Maureen pulled ahead and cleared their balls but while going for the 8-ball fouled and so the W and congratulations goes to Adam & Faizal.

For Game Two Ron Hudgens & Maggie Langley went up against last year’s Champs Karen Lynch Constable & Jeff Constable for a very close game. However on the 8 ball shot team Hudgens/Langley sunk the 8 ball but only after making contact with team Constables ball so the win goes to Karen & Jeff. Congrads to Karen & Jeff who continue their Trifecta winning streak from last year.

In Game Three Jeff Koenig & Bonnie Blaustein challenged Stu and Carlene Bassell in full costume. It was a great match with both teams neck in neck right down to the 8 Ball.  In the end team Koenig/Blaustein fell victim to the Halloween Goblins, and scratched on the 8 Ball shot!

Team Kelly/Wise faced Team Nemitoff Khan in Game Four, in what turned out to be a very close game and the first game of the 2022/23 8 ball series that played to conclusion (no 8 ball scratch) with the sinking of the 8 ball by Bruce Kelly to clinch the win for team Kelly/Wise.

Team Edgeller/Ciancarelli challenged Team Haymon in Game Five - yet another very close game and the second game of the 2022/23 8 ball series that played to conclusion (no 8 ball scratch) with the sinking of the 8 ball by Steve Edgeller (using a bit of English if you will)  to score the W for team Edgeller/Ciancarelli.

In the first Shuffleboard showdown, Game Six, Team Haymon were relentless in scoring on almost every round and as a result team Nemitoff/khan succumbed to the scoring onslaught to become the first eliminated team!

Game Seven saw team Hudgens/Langley wager a formidable battle but Nevins/Michielini put forward a relentless offense scoring multiple 4 point hangers to clinch the victory.

Played out-of-order, Game Nine took a curve when team Bassell got snowed-in at the Lodge, calling-in replacements Langan/Khan at the last minute.  Unfortunately, the Constables dominated the game from the beginning, winning the round as defending champs.

An exciting confrontation between Teams Koenig/Blaustein and Nevins/Michielini took place in Game Eight.  Tom & Maureen (mostly Maureen) skillfully landed scoring rounds in relentless succession making a comeback by Jeff & Bonnie unfeasible.

The Kelly/Wise team took on Webmasters Edgeller/Ciancarelli in Game Ten.  Bruce's skill and experience showed with an early lead, bringing them to a point away from victory.   Despite questionable handling of a puck during play, they clinched the final point to settle the score at 21 - 9, winning the round.

Our first game to be conceded without play was Game Eleven, between the Bassells and the Haymons.  Unfortunately a scheduling conflict left Stu & Carlene Bassell moving forward as 'winners'.

Game Twelve formed the first of the Darts matches to be played, featuring a lengthy game running to a standoff on the bullseye.  Edgeller/Ciancarelli finally took the win, leaving Nevins/Michielini two points behind.

An intense and very evenly matched Game Thirteen ran until the bitter end when both teams needed a single Bullseye to take the win. After several rounds of near hits, Team Kelly/Wise found the cork first leaving them as the only team remaining in the winners bracket.  Team Lynch/Constable will move into the losers bracket but still retain a chance at defending their title!

In the Game Fourteen Losers' playoff Team Bassell pulled a win out of the hat, making a success of their "Random-Dart" strategy, finishing with a three point lead against runners-up Edgeller/Ciancarelli.  The Bassells will now play championship defenders Lynch/Constable for a place in the final.

Game Fifteen ended like so many of our 8 ball games have in the past. After several turns it was Even-Steven with both teams having 4 balls on the table.  After sinking one of their remaining balls, Team Bassell permitted an errant ball to collide with the 8 ball sending it cleanly into the side pocket. Game Over!

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