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Ramapo Racing - Results Update (April 2023)

Pico State Race – Ramapo takes first place. NJSSC’s State Race at Pico was held on February 11. Ramapo fielded a full six-man and five-woman A- Team and a partial one-man B-team. The event included a one-run GS and one-run slalom. Five ski clubs were represented at the race, with five women’s teams and seven men’s teams.

Altogether, there were 17 women and 36 men in the competition. Ramapo women took first place among all women teams, while Ramapo’s men’s team came in second. Congratulations to Ramapo’s JP Madarasz, who came in first place (by a combined time of 0.85 seconds) among all men, and Sharon Weston also 1st (by 2.71 seconds) among all women. Also Ramapo had one junior racer for the first time at Pico. Congratulations to Luca Shindler, who took first place in the girls age 10 to 13 division with GS times of 39.61 and 39.67 seconds.

Mid-Atlantic Masters - After a warm spell and rain, the ski slope at the February 18 and 19 West Mt. GS and slalom was harder than bullet proof boilerplate. Over 20% of all racers fell or DSQ’d in the GS, including Eastern Region champion Karen Sanderson. JP Madarasz finished the GS in 28th out of 69 and 2nd in his age division. For the slalom, Karen finished 10th out of 14 women and 1st in her age division. One-quarter of all men in the slalom DSQ’d or fell, as did JP, which is a shame, since he was in first place for his division after the first run. At the March 5th Gore Mt. GS and slalom, JP came in 11th and 14th, respectively, out of 48 men and 1st in his age division.

NJSSC NASTAR Race - held at Steamboat March 2, Ramapo had good participation at this event:

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