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Ramapo Racing - Focus On Training (December 2022)

The above pictures show Ramapo member John Pierce, now a professional race coach. Unbelievable power and balance in his start at the wand and turns at the gate.

Mt. Peter: John Pierce reports that training is still on for Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8 PM, though the date of the first session is still not set. Still no word on the possible Friday night bar league.

Mid-Atlantic Masters: Additional races have been added to the program for the season. To get the latest go to As explained last month, sign up is at

Pico: The race will be held Saturday February 11, 2023. That is one week later than the usual date.

President’s Race/Ramapo Race Weekend: Scheduled for Saturday March 18, 2023. Get it on your calendar folks. You’ll know why you joined a ski club if you attend. It’s a two-run NASTAR course, so you should have no problem finishing at least one run needed to have a qualifying time.

Killington: This camp has been running for decades. The GS portion runs five days beginning December 5. The GS camp is immediately followed by an optional two days of slalom beginning on December 10. Prices for Killington are a bargain compared to other venues. For information contact Andy Barnett at

Stowe: This is known as the Comet Race Camp, and similar to Mid-Atlantic, it has two days of GS and two of slalom, December 13 through 16. Carlene and I were there the year before the pandemic and had excellent training. Compared to the Mid-Atlantic camp, there is more gate time and less free-ski drills. If interested, contact Jesse Beck at

Details will be published in future newsletters and posted on the racing page of the club’s website. For the most up to date information, contact me to have your name added to my email distribution list, if not already.

Stu Bassell - (617) 894-0679 -

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