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Congratulations to our six winners, and especially to the two who won BOTH 3rd Quarter and Final Score.

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3rd Annual RMSC Super Bowl Winners

The Sunday, February 7, 2021 Super Bowl LV game is now in the history book. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defence was the most valuable crew on the field. They harassed, hurried, intercepted and sacked the Kansas City Chiefs offense persistently throughout the game limiting the Chiefs to only 3 field goals. While the Chiefs defense on the other hand put up a valiant effort, in the end they allowed the Buccaneers to score 4 touchdowns and a field goal. Final Score Tampa Bay 31 - Kansas City 9.

The REAL excitement during this year's Super Bowl game was RMSC Super bowl pool GAMES!  With 2 pools running and the same roster of gamblers in each pool, the excitement was intense! For every score change and possible outcome it was exciting to see folks change NFL conference sides depending on the potential score result. As for me, I just wanted to pick up a Nintendo Joystick to help whichever team whose score would match my pool squares. . . SACK him, Safety, Field Goal, 2pt conversion... whatever it takes!

Kansas City won the coin toss and elected to defer, thus electing to receive the ball to start the second half. The opening game kick off From Kansas City to Tampa Bay resulted in a tackle at the TB 23 yard line - no score yet. Lisa O'Neil (Game1) and Jim Angelone (Game2) were both cheering on the defense of each team to force the punt. Their luck held out until 5:14 remaining in the 1st quarter when Kansas City's Harrison Butker kicked a 49 yard field goal changing the score and the square to 3 - 0. John Langen (G1) and Mike Blancato (G2) cheering the Chiefs the loudest!

Tampa Bay responded four and a half minutes later with a touchdown! The score is now 3 - 6 with Rebecca Marcelletti (G1) and Adam Nemitoff (G2) owning the 1st Quarter winning square. John Langen (G1) and Phil Carmichael (G2) fruitlessly shouting for Tampa Bay to go for the 2 Pt conversion, Rebecca and Adam silently praying for the extra point(s) to fail... Tampa Bay's Ryan Succop kicked the pigskin through the uprights for the extra point, score 3 - 7 with Trudy Stolte (G1) and Web Master ( G2 - Steve Edgeller) knocking Rebecca and Adam off the winning square. Three plays later, with Kansas City on their own 43 yard line, time expired in the first quarter.  Trudy Stolte and the Web Master win the 1st Quarter payout of $75 each. Congratulations to Trudy and Steve!

The Buccaneers force the Chiefs to punt at the start of the 2nd quarter. Tampa Bay marches all the way down to inside the KC 1 yard line and fail to score thus turning over on downs to Kansas City. Dave Stolte (G1) and Phil Carmichael (G2) are screaming at Tom Brady (TB) for failing to score. The Buc's defense holds the Chiefs to 5 plays and a punt. The Buc's run 8 plays to move the ball down to the KC 17 yard line. Tom Brady hooks up with Gronkowski for a touchdown. Score 3 - 13, Dave Stolte (G1) and Phil Carmichael (G2) are vindicated and take over the current winning square trying in vain to blow the extra point of course. The extra point is good and the current winning squares change to Mike Blancato (G1) and Judi Eicher(G2) with the score 3 - 14.

The Chiefs battle their way across the field to the TB 14 yard line. Fourth down with 6 yards to go, KC Butker kicks a 34 yard field goal to make the score 6 -14. Tom Nevins (G1) and Karen Bell(G2) do a virtual high five and with only 1:04 seconds remaining in the first half they are already spending the second half payout at the bar.

Not wanting to go to the locker room at half with the Chiefs scoring last, Tampa Bay moves the ball down the field in 54 seconds. Tom Brady connects with Antonio Brown for a touchdown.  Mike Blancato (G1) and Dennis Curnyn(G2) know they have a short lease on the first half winning square with the scoreboard showing 6 - 20. TB Ryan Succop's extra point kick is good, updating the scoreboard to 6 - 21. The first half winning square is now held by Ron Hudgens (G1) and Beth Wnorowski(G2) biting their fingernails hoping for no more plays. Patrick Mahomes kneels down with 6 seconds remaining to end the first half. Congratulations Ron and Beth winning the first half payout of $100 each.

Third Quarter. Ron Hudgens and Beth Wnorowski are cheering on the Tampa Bay defense to stop Kansas City from scoring. Eight plays later KC Butker kicked a 52 yard field goal to end Ron and Beths chance that there would be no score change in the 3rd quarter. Now Eileen Blancato (G1) and Dennis Curnyn(G2) assume the 3rd quarter money square for the score 9 - 21. 

The Buccaneers offense is not taking any chances, with a hand off to Leonard Fournette on the 7th play of the drive, Fournette runs 27 yards for a touchdown. Rebecca Marcelletti (G1) and Pat Ferguson ( G2 - Brian's Brother) have a precarious hold on the 9 - 27 money square as they helplessly watch Ryan Succop's extra point sail through the uprights to change the money square to 9 - 28. Jim McCluskey (G1) and Beth Wnorowski(G2) are now in the 3rd quarter spotlight with 7:51 left on the clock.

Tampa Bay forces a turnover with 6:30 on the clock as Mahomes' pass to Tyreek Hill is tipped by Deiondre' Hall and intercepted by Antoine Winfield. The Buc's ate up three and a half minutes taking the ball down to the KC 34 where Ryan Succop booted a 52 yard field goal to make the score 9 - 31. The money square changes for the last time in the game to Eileen Blancato (G1) and Dennis Curnyn(G2). Winners of the 3rd quarter and game final squares.

With no more score changes, the remainder of the game was a moot point. The hopes and dreams of the Pool players tossed back and forth as the Kansas City offense was no match for the Tampa Bay defense through their next 3 possessions. The Chiefs defense held the Buc's to punting and the 4th quarter ended painfully scoreless. 

Congratulations Eileen and Dennis winning the 3rd quarter and game final squares for a total payout of $225 each.

RMSC Trifecta

Our annual Trifecta competition blends skill and expertise across darts, pool and shuffleboard.  Members compete in teams for the glory of being named the Trifecta champions!  This year, three teams are playing a double elimination schedule of 4 or 5 game nights, which given the abbreviated meeting schedule should give us enough flexibility in the event rescheduling is necessary.
Posted below is a set of the RMSC Trifecta Rules, and a leaderboard of the teams competing.

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On Hold.jpg

Due to heightened concerns around COVID infection rates and NJ state assembly limitations, the Trifecta will be on hold until further notice.  Once state limitations are reduced, RMSC will determine when the competition can proceed.

RMSC Meeting 10/1/20

Ski Magazine for October 2020 featured an interesting article about recycling and repurposing ski gear.  Read more in the article provided below: