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Opening Meeting/Aorangi Award

Not only did Vesna Haymon organize the 2021/22 Season Opening Meeting single-handedly, including invitations, dinner, service and a fabulous Juniors' desert table, she was also presented the Club's award for her outstanding contribution to service to the Club over the years! Thanks Vesna for your help, attention, diligence and time.

Here's Vesna accepting the award from past winners

2021 Aorangi Vesna 2 (2).JPG
RMSC Trifecta

Our annual Trifecta competition blends skill and expertise across darts, pool and shuffleboard.  Members form teams at the beginning of the season and compete for the glory of being named the Trifecta champions!  This year, ten teams are playing for the honour of the title.


Round 1

Game 1 S & L Edgeller v S & C Bassell

Game 2 Hudgens & Langley v V & L Haymon

Game 3 Ferguson & Kelly v J & K Constable

Game 4 Neves & Marangos v Shale & Nemitoff

Game 5 Deroda & Bell v Winner Game 1

Game 6 Langan & Blake v Winner Game 2


For the avoidance of doubt and facilitation of argument, here's a copy of the RMSC Trifecta Rules

10/15/21 Update:  Congratulation to Steve & Lisa Edgeller who edged by Stu & Carlene Bassell to win the first Trifecta Game of the season!

2021-22 Trifecta Games V2.JPG