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Opening Meeting/Aorangi Award

Not only did Vesna Haymon organize the 2021/22 Season Opening Meeting single-handedly, including invitations, dinner, service and a fabulous Juniors' desert table, she was also presented the Club's award for her outstanding contribution to service to the Club over the years! Thanks Vesna for your help, attention, diligence and time.

Here's Vesna accepting the award from past winners

2021 Aorangi Vesna 2 (2).JPG
RMSC Trifecta

Our annual Trifecta competition blends skill and expertise across darts, pool and shuffleboard.  Members form teams at the beginning of the season and compete for the glory of being named the Trifecta champions!  This year, ten teams are playing for the honour of the title.


For the avoidance of doubt and facilitation of argument, here's a copy of the RMSC Trifecta Rules

  • Congratulations to Steve & Lisa Edgeller who edged by Stu & Carlene Bassell to win the first Trifecta Game of the season!

  • In the Second Game Ron & Maggie took an early lead sinking all their balls except the 8-ball. In the end though Cip & Cindy got the Win on account of an 8 ball scratch!

  • Jeff & Karen Constable were able to claim victory over Brian Ferguson & Bruce Kelly in our Third Game of 8-Ball

  • Game Five was played early to avoid a clash with the Warren Miller Film Tour.  Nick won the break and sank a circle ⭕ ball.  Steve and Lisa helped by sinking all of theirs giving an opportunity to win. Nick and Karen were down to two circles ⭕ left on the table but Steve called the end pocket and sank the eight ball.

  • The Fourth Game was close all the way,  but the “Bronx” in Lee Haymon came out in the end to run the 8 ball down the side cushion into the corner pocket to claim the win!

  • The final 8-ball challenge in Game Six was unfortunately forfeited due to a clerical error. leaving Cipriano Neves & Cindy Marangos to move forward with a win.

  • Our Seventh Game & first of the shuffleboard series got off to a great start when Nick DeRoda & Margaret Langley (substituting for Karen Bell) clinched the game in a 21 to 8 victory over Stu & Carlene Bassell.

  • Ron Hudgens & Maggie Langley faced off in Game Eight against Tyler Blake & John Langan.  The Game was neck and neck almost all the way. Maggie & Ron relentlessly navigated their pucks into scoring positions, but Team Blake/Langan answered back each time and in the end edged ahead to claim Victory!

  • In a close & hard fought shuffleboard battle (no pucking around) Team DeRoda/Bell (Maggie Langley substituting for Karen) ousted Brian Ferguson & Bruce Kelly in a 21 to 18 victory in Game Nine!


Trifecta 140122.png
Super Bowl Squares pool

This is the tried and true football pool you are used to seeing at Super Bowl parties. Still not triggering a clue for you? Perhaps you can read this site to familiarize yourself with the concept www.picks.org/nfl/super-bowl-squares 

Basically this is a random pool, no one player has any advantage over another. All bets are equal. This is a fun way to support a good cause and just maybe win a few bucks.  

Here are the rules for the RMSC Super Bowl LVI pool: 

  • Each square costs $5.00. Limit 4 squares per person, per game. 

  • Payment must be received in order to pick your squares. 

  • Only unsold squares can be purchased. 

  • Players that purchased a 4 squares maximum will be offered any unsold squares beginning on February 3. 

  • Unsold squares at the start of Super Bowl LVI default to club owned squares. 

  • When the grid is sold, the 0-9 boxes will be randomly assigned using the internet site https://www.random.org/sequences/  (The auditing firm of "Kristina and Kayla ace math students"  will preside over the selection to certify its authenticity) 

All participants will receive, via email, a PDF copy of the final grid(s) before Super Bowl LVI.  

Prize information: 

The first 3 quarters of the game have a designated prize. There is no 4th quarter prize, only an end of game prize. This takes into consideration the possibility of over time.  

Total bets will result in a $500 pool per game. Since this is a friendly club game, we will donate $100 per game to our favorite non-profit organization – the RMSC Lodge. This leaves a $400 prize pool. 

Winnings Breakdown for the Super Bowl pool 

  • End of 1st Quarter: $75 

  • End of 2nd Quarter: $100 

  • End of 3rd Quarter: $75 

  • End of Game: $150 

How to Play 

  • Squares can be purchased at club events, via email, text or courier pigeon (you train the courier).  

  • Refer to the image below to select available grid numbers.  Send an email to omikeneil@gmail.com with the number of squares you are purchasing along with the list of grid numbers you would like in order of priority. I will do my best to issue squares on a first come first served basis. List more squares than purchased in the event some are sold prior to receiving your list.   

  • When you send the grid numbers to play the squares pool, let me know how you would like to make payment (Cash, Zelle, Venmo or postal) and I will provide the appropriate payment information.  

In the event all squares are sold, all interested parties will be notified and additional games will be opened as needed. Players with a max number of boxes in a closed game can play new games as a new player, according to the rules above. 

The pool administrators have the right to close any open pool prior to the Super Bowl game to prepare final notifications. 

Super Bowl pool 20 Jan.png