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RMSC Trifecta 2021/22

Our annual Trifecta competition blends skill and expertise across darts, pool and shuffleboard.  Members form teams at the beginning of the season and compete for the glory of being named the Trifecta champions!  This year, ten teams played for the honour of the title.


For the avoidance of doubt and facilitation of argument, here's a copy of the RMSC Trifecta Rules

  • Congratulations to Steve & Lisa Edgeller who edged by Stu & Carlene Bassell to win the first Trifecta Game of the season!

  • In the Second Game Ron & Maggie took an early lead sinking all their balls except the 8-ball. In the end though Cip & Cindy got the Win on account of an 8 ball scratch!

  • Jeff & Karen Constable were able to claim victory over Brian Ferguson & Bruce Kelly in our Third Game of 8-Ball

  • Game Five was played early to avoid a clash with the Warren Miller Film Tour.  Nick won the break and sank a circle ⭕ ball.  Steve and Lisa helped by sinking all of theirs giving an opportunity to win. Nick and Karen were down to two circles ⭕ left on the table but Steve called the end pocket and sank the eight ball.

  • The Fourth Game was close all the way,  but the “Bronx” in Lee Haymon came out in the end to run the 8 ball down the side cushion into the corner pocket to claim the win!

  • The final 8-ball challenge in Game Six was unfortunately forfeited due to a clerical error. leaving Cipriano Neves & Cindy Marangos to move forward with a win.

  • Our Seventh Game & first of the shuffleboard series got off to a great start when Nick DeRoda & Margaret Langley (substituting for Karen Bell) clinched the game in a 21 to 8 victory over Stu & Carlene Bassell.

  • Ron Hudgens & Maggie Langley faced off in Game Eight against Tyler Blake & John Langan.  The Game was neck and neck almost all the way. Maggie & Ron relentlessly navigated their pucks into scoring positions, but Team Blake/Langan answered back each time and in the end edged ahead to claim Victory!

  • In a close & hard fought shuffleboard battle (no pucking around) Team DeRoda/Bell (Maggie Langley substituting for Karen) ousted Brian Ferguson & Bruce Kelly in a 21 to 18 victory in Game Nine!

  • Thursday night (1/21/22) in Game Ten  Adam Shale & Adam Nemitoff (Team Adam2) challenged Team Blake & Langan in shuffleboard. The game got off to a close start where both teams traded the lead back and forth for the first 6 or 7 rounds. Then, Team Blake & Langan skillfully landed consecutive scoring rounds to pull ahead with a comfortable lead. Team Adam2 was not done though, and threatened several times to close the gap. In the end Tyler Blake wrapped it up scoring 4 points in the last round to take the win!

  • Game Eleven got off to a slow start while everyone learnt the rules, and an even slower rate of play while everyone scored one point at a time (apart from a few lucky plays by both teams).  With no-one left to cheer the players on it ran to a close-matched 21 to 18 win for Neves & Marangos.

  • Our last shuffleboard match, Game Twelve, was a hard fought battle between Lee & Vesna Harmon and Jeff & Karen Constable as they traded single point rounds back and forth during the early stages of the game.  In the end though, Jeff & Karen landed successive scoring rounds to claim the win and send Lee & Vesna to the losers side of the bracket.  

  • Following a quick review of the rules at the outset of the Cricket stage in Game Thirteen, Team DeRoda (Nick & Maggie Langley) and Team Edgeller (Steve and Matt) traded rounds of closing out the numbers.  It was a very close match with each team down to one number left to close when Maggie fired the winning sequence to close out the 16 and seal the win!

  • Game Fourteen saw Team Haymon face off against Team Blake/Langan for a fiercely contested battle of darts.  In the end it came down to the Bulls and the Haymons were hitting them relentlessly and ultimately took the win.

  • Vesna & Lee Haymon won again in Game Fifteen, successfully derailing team DeRoda in a hard fought game of 8 ball leaving Lee & Vesna all alone in the losers bracket until our next game.  This will give Team DeRoda ample time to begin the process of removing the adhesive that has bound the Trifecta Trophy to their Mantel for the past 3 years!

  • Unfortunately Cipriano Neves & Cindy Morangos were not able to make it to Game Sixteen and elected to forfeit, leaving Karen & Jeff Constable as the only team remaining in the winners bracket.

  • Unfortunately the Neves and Marangos team were unable to play their scheduled Game Seventeen, and were forced to forfeit once again in favour of Vesna & Lee Haymon.

  • This gave the opportunity for Game Eighteen to be played early with a very close game of Cricket although Vesna & Lee Haymon maintained the leading edge, and closed the final bulls before Karen & Jeff could close out their numbers.

  • The series culminated in a final 8-Ball match with Game Nineteen between the Constables and the Haymons.  Although Vesna & Lee Haymon were leading the game with only the 8 ball remaining, an intensely challenging long bank shot resulted in a technical scratch thus yielding the win to the Constables!



Many Congratulations to both teams in a well played and kind spirited game, and many thanks to all 10 teams that participated in this year’s competition.

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