Race Results - 20 July 2020

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Great turnout this week for the first in our 2020-2021 race series.

Each week, we'll give details of the races run and the entrants from our club - highlighting the winners

Mountain Creek Beginners (Junior)

  1. Mickey Mouse

  2. Pluto

  3. Donald Duck

Mountain Creek Advanced (Junior)

  1. Hewey

  2. Dewey

  3. Louis

“Here's a quote from the Winner.”

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Getting into the swing of these race results now. Last night was our biggest ever race meeting with literally hundreds of entrants and spectators. And the overall winner was... Snow Monkey

Poor turnout last night due to the weather. Only one entrant per race. Race One First: Ice-man Race Two First Ice-man Race Three First: Ice-man